Bahasa Inggris

Fill in the right preposition (at, in, on, after, before, during, within, by, on)
Example: The family are gathering _____ Christmas.
1. I would like to know if you could make it ___ tomorrow.
2. He should come ___ a few minutes.
3. He wasn’t angry ___ all.
4. She promised to call back ___ an hour.
5. The President will be in evidence ___ the Senate Committee.
6. We will know everything ___ he comes.
7. This contract will be confirmed ___ December.
8. Has anybody asked ___ me while I was away?
9. There were two intervals ___ the performance.
10. ___ this occasion I would like to express my thanks.
11. You must check the petrol ___ regular intervals.
12. If she doesn’t get angry ___ five minutes everything will be all right.
13. There’s an excellent restaurant ___ the end of the street.
14. ___ the end everything was fine.
15. It didn’t happen yesterday but the day ___ yesterday.
16. I am ___ loss, I don’t know what to do.
17. The vocabulary seems to be easy ___ the beginning.
18. You can get a person to do it for you. ___ all, you are a man with many contacts.
19. We wanted to hide ___ a big storm. He didn’t want to get wet.
20. ___ Christmas day our family eat carp.
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