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There are 7 levels  You can do exercises on seven levels. 
Beginner = Easy English to start practicing your basic skills or to come back after a long ‘break’.
Elementary = You need a vocabulary of 400 words. Suitable after 1 year intensive study.
Pre-intermediate = 800 words. While preparing for Cambridge KET (Key English Test).
Lower-intermediate = 1200 words. While preparing for
Upper-intermediate = 3000 words. While preparing for Cambridge First Certificate (CFC).
Advanced = 4000 words. While preparing for Cambridge Advanced Certificate (CAC). 
Proficiency = 6000 words. While preparing for Cambridge Proficiency Certificate (CPC).There are some really difficult Business English and other special vocabulary topic exercises on this level.Sometimes they go far beyond of what is required for Proficiency Tests
CrosswordsMultiple Choice Put in the words Fill in the gaps Rewrite the sentences   There are six quiz types:multiple choice, fill in the right word, put in the words, rebuild the sentences and crosswords exercises.
Links to other exercises You can choose an exercise by going through the site using the links at the bottom of the lists of exercises …
List of available exercises   … or by using the list exercises page (click on ‘Choose an exercise’ link). Here you can find all exercises and the exercises we are preparing for you in distinct categories. GRAMMAR, GENERAL VOCABULARY, BUSINESS ENGLISH. Follow the links to go to the list of exercises.
Choose the exercise you want to do  Now just choose the exercise for your level by clicking on the icon. 


  If you register you will have your personal page with activity history and you can receive motivating email exercises.
  Fill in all required information (written in red). Enter your valid email address. You will have to confirm registration with the link and confirmation number you receive to your mailbox. Press the submit button. 
Click on the link 
	http://www.nonstopenglish.com/2nd.asp?conf=y&m=s  Confirm your registration on the page you receive in your mailbox. If the link is too long, cut and paste the whole link into your browser address.  
If you accidentally deleted the email confirmation link, the page is here:
Confirm your registration  Confirm your registration by typing in your user name password and registration code. 
Login after membership confirmation  After confirmation you can login. 


  Once you have registered you can chose to receive motivating email exercises.  
The attachment in outlook express  You will have to answer them by opening the attachment file which is the exercise. 

The picture on the left is taken from Internet Explorer. In other browsers the attachment might be displayed in other ways. If you are not using POP3 service (you view your mails online on some email services such as hotmail or yahoo), you will see an image of a clip displayed. Warning: some mail servers such as company servers remove HTML attachments or you might not get the mail at all. In these cases we recommend you create a free email account on your favourite free email provider.  

   You have to complete the exercise, (make sure you do not have spelling mistakes) type in your login name and password and submit it by pressing the EVALUATE button.

Do not send us the exercise by mail.  

Evaluation page  You receive evaluation page that tells you your scores. A score of 80% and more is very good. If you are at least 40% successful you can see a button ‘You can see the keys here’ at the end of the evaluation page.  Your scores are saved to the database and you can come back later to improve your scores. Now you can continue doing another exercise. 
   If you do not wish to receive any more email exercises you can choose the ‘Unsubscribe from email exercises’ on the main page. You need to log in first to do that. 


Click on Recommend us link  If you find our project useful and you know of someone who might also enjoy learning with us, send him a recommendation. 
You can modify the text. You can write the text in your own language  Enter your name and your message. There is a default message but you can edit it to send your own message.
If you wish you can write in your own language. 
Please do not missuse this page to annoy people who might not be interested in learning English with us. 


Click on the link to send us your opinion about nonstopenglish.com  We want to make nonstopenglish.com the  1 site as English as a Second Language. Please give us useful information about you, about nonstopenglish.com, how you learn English and how you use internet.  
   Any valuable information will be highly appreciated and will be a base for future decisions on developments. Fill in the form to provide any information you like. Please do not SPAM (do not submit empty forms). 


You have registered but you have not got the confirmation code.

  It is not nethical.

  •  Possible reasons – and solutions: – You have entered a wrong/misspelt email address.
  • Solution: Try to register again but this time use a different login name this time.
  • You have not yet received the mail from us – Solution: Wait a few minutes. – You are using a spam filter service that requires all senders to confirm mail delivery.

You have got confirmation code but you cannot confirm your registration.

  It is not nethical.

  •  Solution: Wait one or two days. We will confirm mail delivery as soon as possible. – You have mistyped either login name, password or confirmation code.
  • Solution: Retype the necessary information. You received the confirmation code several weeks ago but you did not have time to confirm it.

You do not receive email exercises.

  It is not nethical.

  • Your registration, if not confirmed, is deleted after about a month. – Solution: Register again.
  • You have not confirmed registration. – Solution: Register and/or confirm registration.  You have not asked for them. We do not send email exercises to everybody. – Only if you explicitly ask for them. Solution: Login to your account click on ‘Personal data’ link. Then click on ‘I want to change some of my data’ button. Choose ‘yes’ for email exercises. Choose the days you want to receive the email exercises. You can choose any day of the week. 
    Personal Data link

    Edit my profile button

    Days you want to recieve email exercises 

  • Press ‘Submit’. You do not receive email exercises because you have not done the last ten email exercises. – (because you were ill or on holiday or for whatever reason) Solution: Log in to your account. Click on ‘xxx’s forgotten email exercises’ (xxx = your login name). There you can see which exercises are waiting for you to be done. Do one or two now and then you will receive new email exercises. 

    Your forgotten email exercises

  • Make sure you come back to this page to do one or two exercise every time you log in. You might not be receiving email exercises because your email server removes the HTML attachment. – This often happens on company mail servers. Possible solution: Ask the administrator to allow HTML attachments from http://www.nonstopenglish.com. Create a free account on free email servers such as hotmail or yahoo or one from your own country. And then change your email address with Nonstop English. Login to your account. Click on ‘Personal data’ link. Click on ‘I want to change some of my personal data’ button. Click ‘Change your email here’ next to your existing email address. Enter your new email address but do NOT close the browser window. On the next page enter the confirmation code you received to your new email address and click  

    Enter your new email address

    Confirm your new email address


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What is nonstopenglish.com? 
Nonstopenglish.com is a FREE English as a Second language (ESL) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) activity website. You can practise English language with our online interactive exercises. There are many English grammar tests. Our English vocabulary tests can help you to build your vocabulary and improve your understanding of the English language. It is an online interactive language course. If you register you can receive free motivating email exercises and you can see which exercises you have done and how well. There will be a Free TOEFL test practice. All exercises are self-checker. Easy to advanced. Check your knowledge and study everyday English language with self evaluation tests. Drill English grammar items, use English in a funny way. Improve your English grammar, vocabulary knowledge and skills. Unique personal page with activity history to see which tests you have done how many times and how successfully. New English grammar tests are added every week. Keys to self-check your scores and to see what alternative answers, if any, are possible.

sumber: http://www.nonstopenglish.com/quickstart/


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